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The long awaited Spring is here and usually by now all of our window sills are home to various seed trays. A bit later running with that job this year due to various other home related tasks and the odd set back such as a burst water pipe but I digress!So here we have a tray of sprouts, leeks, lettuce, spring onions and tomatoes - (there was only 4 seeds in the packet (?!)A tip for newbies with pets - use these ones with lids! We’ve learned this the hard way! Unless they can’t access where you’re growing your seedlings, they will become litter trays or a mess all over the floor and you will be growing mixed veggie soup! Also, I found a good use for those little clear bags you get with LFT’s - they make great seed storage or in this case I’ve used them to stop my labels (part of the packet!) getting wet.Most of the seeds we have are April sowing or seeds that we tend to sow straight in the ground but this is a good start. Usually we sow spring onions directly but thought I’d get some going here too as it’s something we use a lot of. I’ll probably start my dwarf beans and peas in pots this time when the time comes whereas usually I plant out April/May.Anyway, the journey has started! 

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