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Absolutely beautiful day so it would be rude not to get there with the forecast showing sunshine all week and enough gone by to dry things out. 

The soil was actually perfect for digging and weeding! Not too claggy or hard, and a good solid start was made on the annual freshening up of the soil for the season ahead. 

This patch I have dug over had sweetcorn and celeriac last year and so I’ve prepared for the first earlies to go in, in a couple of weeks for a bit of crop rotation.

Compared with other seasons it’s not too bad overall weed-wise - we’ve had worst starts! We don’t tend to it particularly during the winter months - just perhaps head up to pull some Sunday roast veggies…more often than not you certainly can’t get a car up on the site. 

Our plot is a lovely sunny spot, so I did enjoy some rest bite with my lunch and flask…could’ve even nodded off for a few mins had I not been interrupted by Mr AO coming to check on progress! 

Bit achey and out of practice today haha but some seeds have been sown and I plan to get back for round two tomorrow! 


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