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Pests and Problems


Pests and diseases are a common problem for growers; no matter how little or large an area or scale to which you are growing.  There is nothing more disheartening than a healthy crop being struck with an infestation.  Some issues are more common than others and can be caused by many factors such as the weather and precipitation.  We have talked about some of the problems you may face when growing and how you can prevent, cure or control the problem. 

Slugs and Snails

Wet, moist and fertile soil filled with leafy vegetables is (unfortunately) an ideal place for slugs and snails.  If you don't put in measures to control them they will soon be munching through your brassicas, which will start to resemble a colander!

Some use pellets but these are nor organic.  A homemade remedy to rid your plot is using smashed up egg shells or salt.  Another way is by attracting 'the enemy' such as birds and ground beetles - these will feed on the eggs as well as the slugs themselves.